Linguistics Courses Taught at MSU

Introduction to Linguistics
Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
Issues in Phonology
Phonological Theory I
Phonological Theory II
Non-linear Phonology and Morphology
Topics in Optimality Theory
Phonetically based phonology
Interfaces in Phonology
Studies in the Chinese Language.

Courses Taught at LSA Summer Institutes

2003: Introduction to Optimality Theory
1997: Modern Chinese Phonology & Phonological Theory

Committee Chair, Ph.D

  • Li Kinnison, Qing (co-chair with Dennis Preston) (sociolinguistics, 2000)
    Good-bye, you or I?: a study of linguistic patterns in American and Chinese leave-taking after dinner
  • Park, Ok-sook (phonology, 2002)
    A gesture-based account of consonant patterns in Korean
  • Iami, Terumi (co-chair with Dennis Preston) (sociolinguistics, 2004)
    Vowel devoicing in Tokyo Japanese
  • Mutsukawa, Masahiko (phonology, 2006)
    Japanese loanword phonology in optimality theory: the nature of inputs and the loandword sublexicon
  • Kwon, Bo-young (second language phonology, 2006)
    Korean speakers’ production of English consonant clusters: articulatory and perceptual accounts
  • Al-Mahmoud, Mahmoud (second language phonetics/phonology, 2011)
    Markedness in the perception of L2 English consonant clusters
  • Wang, Chiung-Yao (co-chair with Cristina Schmitt) (child language phonology, 2011)
    Children’s acquisition of Tone 3 Sandhi in Mandarin
  • Yeh, Chia-Hsin (phonetics/phonology, 2015)
    Speech processing of Hai-lu Hakka falling tones and tone sandhi
  • Luo, Qian (co-chair with Karthik Durvasula) (phonetics, 2018)
    Consonantal effects on F0 in tonal languages
  • Shih, Li-Jen (phonology, 2019)
    The role of phonology and phonetics in the adaptation of English words into Standard Chinese
  • Uehara, Sayako (co-chair with Karthik Durvasula) (phonetics/phonology, 2019)
    Word segmentation for Japanese and English speakers: Language-independent and language-dependent cues
  • Wang, Xiaomei (co-chair with Suzanne Wagner) (sociolinguistics, 2020)
    Local Identity and Language Attitude in Standardization: Evidence from Tianjin Chinese Tone Sandhi
  • Xu, Chenchen (phonology/phonetics, 2020)
    The phonology and phonetics of Rugao syllable contraction: vowel selection and deletion
  • Ruthan, Mohammed (co-chair with Suzanne Wagner) (phonology/sociolinguistics, 2020)
    Aspects of Jazani Arabic
  • Huang, Ho-Hsin (phonology/phonetics, 2020)
    To epenthesize or not? Segment insertion in Mandarin loanwords
  • Du, Naiyan (co-chair with Karthik Durvasula) (phonology/phonetics)

Committee Chair, MA Theses

  • Li, Ling (sociolinguistics, 1991)
    Language variation and change in Mandarin: the mainland Chinese speech community in the United State
  • Sugimoto, Takayo (phonology, 1992)
    A constraint-based approach to Russian voicing assimilation
  • Mutsukawa, Masahiko (phonology, 2002)
    The realization of (r) in English-based loanwords in Japanese: an optimality-theoretic analysis
  • Shih, Li-jen (phonology, 2004)
    Consonantal and syllabic adaptations in English loanwords in Mandarin

Committee Chair, MA by exam

Lee, Jongseok (phonology, 1994)
Jung, Wonchol (phonology, 1994)
Hsieh, Chin-kuei (phonology,1995)
Yang, Li-Chu (phonology, 1995)
Huang, Tsui-chin (phonology, 2000)
Nadachi, Eriko (phonology, 2007)
Meng, Yuanliang (phonology, 2007)
Frazer, Andrew (phonology, 2007)
Yeh, Chia-Hsin (phonology, 2007)
Rohlfs, Dorothea (phonology, 2008)
Huang, Yi-Jen (phonology, 2008)
Yang, Yi-Hui (phonology, 2010)
Zhang, Zhiyan (phonology, 2010)
Singh, Vishwajeet (phonology, 2010)
Lu, Raymond Chi-Jui (phonology, 2011)
Luo, Qian (phonology, 2012)
Edgington, Kenneth (phonology, 2012)
Xu, Chenchen (phonology, 2014)
Smolinski, Adam (phonology, 2019)